Amplifier and mixer

Kindermann MMC 84

Multimedia switch with integrated Digital Audio Porocessing and Audio-amplifier  


Apart Concept One

Stereo-amplifier with 2 speaker output zones, microphone input, IR- and RS232 ports  


Apart Concept One T

100 V stereo-amplifier with microphone input 2 zone stereo output, IR - and RS232 port  


Apart Concept One T-KIT

100 V transmitter set for Apart Concept One, for the use with 100 V loudspeakers  


Mixer AM 62

For 6 input and 4 output signals, controllable via RS232  


Neets Audio Preamplifier

Neets Audio Preamplifier is a network controlled audio preamplifier controlled through LAN or RS232. The Preamplifier adds additional RS232 and I/O ports for expansion of the AV system and integrates with Neets and 3rd party control systems. The USB audio input enables direct audio input and volume control from a computer (PC or Mac). The Preamplifier can be powered by Power over Ethernet or the included 12V PSU.  


Apart PM7400MKII

Stereo pre-amplifier, a very easy to operate stereo pre-amplifier that is suitable for many applications, with 6 line inputs and 2 microphone inputs (phantom power via internal switch)  


Apart PM1122

High-quality stereo pre-amplifier with a 2-zone section  


Apart PM1122INT

Apart PM1122INTERFACE optional remote interface to control the PM1122 via RS232 or contact inputs  


Apart PM1122R

Analogue wall control for PM1122 with music level and micro mix level control and a line input selector. dimensions: (BxHxT): 115 x 80 x 40 mm weight: 0.165 kg  


Apart PM1122RL

Analogue wall control with local input, as PM1122R but it also has a XLR microphone input and a balanced line input with volume and tone control (mini jack).  


Apart PM1122WR

Wireless receiver for PM1122-INT  


Apart PM1122WW

Wireless flat wall control for PM1122, very flat design, source selection and music volume control, colour: white  


Apart Audiocontrol 12.8

Is an all-in-one audio and control processor designed for small to medium sized applications. Featuring 12 inputs, 8 outputs and an integrated real-time task scheduler.  


Featurepack Audiocontrol 12.8

Gives the possibility to integrate 8 messages into your audio system which can be recorded from a DIMIC paging station, any AUDIOCONTROL audio input or even via the audio output of your PC media player  


Audio Control 12.8 inkl Featurep

Is an all-in-one audio and control processor designed for small to medium sized applications. AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is unique in the market  


Apart DIMIC12

Is a versatile paging microphone with 12 programmable buttons.The irectional condenser mic on the DIMIC12 has excellent sound quality and features a push to talk button with paging status LED.he buttons can be programmed to operate RS232 controlled products  


Apart DIMIC1

Is a versatile digital paging microphone. Easy to configure via the host’s graphical user interface. All zone selection button.  



The wall mount controller is programmable via the host’s unit’s graphical installer interface to allocate functions and can be used to program the wall control to trigger macro’s or even control 3rd party devices.  


Apart ZONE4

4-zone pre-amplifier for 3 microphones and 4 stereo line inputs and can be digitallly controlled by RS232.  


Apart MA 65

Mixing amplifier 100 V / 65 W with 4 inputs  


Apart MA247

Is a 240 W 100V line mixing amplifier that provides independent source selection for zones 1 and 2-6, four line inputs can be selected via a rotary switch, and the MA 247 features 6 different priority levels.  


Apart MA247MR

6 Zone Mixer Amplifier with FM Тuner & MP3 240 W 100 V.Zone controls: Individual volume and source selection for zone 1 line output. 5x100 Volts volume controls for zone 2-6  


Apart PA 2240 BP

2-channel 100 V power amplifier, 2 x 240 W or 1 x 480 W at 100 V, separate priority input for each channel, volume and tone control for each channel, operating voltage 230 V or 24 V, incl. 19 inch bracket  


Neets Audio Amplifier - 2:25

Is a network controlled stereo audio amplifier controlled through LAN or RS232. The Audio Amplifier – 2:25 adds additional RS232 and I/O ports for expansion and integrates with Neets and 3rd party control systems. The USB audio input enables direct audio input and volume control from a computer (PC or Mac). Output power: Stereo: 2 x 25 W @ 8 ohm Stereo: 2 x 35 W @ 4 ohm Bridge: 1 x 35 W @ 8 ohm Bridge: 1 x 55 W @ 4 ohm  


Apart Champ 2

Powerfull stereo-amplifier without fan  


Apart Champ 4

Champ-4 is a four-channel amplifier equipped with a crossover. Two of the channels can be bridged for use as a subwoofer channel. The two remaining channels can be used for the top speakers.  


Apart Champ 3D

Audiophile 3 channel class-D amplifier with DSP controler, Presets for Apart loudspeaker  


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