Featurepack Audiocontrol 12.8

  • Gives the possibility to integrate 8 messages into your audio system which can be recorded from a DIMIC paging station, any AUDIOCONTROL audio input or even via the audio output of your PC media player
  • PO number: 8715000126

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  • Apart Audiocontrol 12.8 /erp/KCO/avs/8/8715/8715000120/04_Bilder/8715000120_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=86DF1BBDF6C9DDB70830B364734B5365
    • PO number : 8715000120
    • Is an all-in-one audio and control processor designed for small to medium sized applications. Featuring 12 inputs, 8 outputs and an integrated real-time task scheduler.