Signalmanagement Analog

VGA Share Basic 1:2

Monitorsplitter Basic VGA 1 to 2 1 input / 2 outputs (HD15 m/f)  


VGA Share Basic 1:4

Monitorsplitter Basic VGA 1 to 4 1 input / 4 outputs (HD15 m/f)  


VGA Share 2:1

2 inputs to 1 output (HD15 sockets)  


VGA Share 4:1

4 inputs to 1 output (HD15 sockets)  


VGA Audio Share Pro 2:1 Automatic

Switches automatically to second input in case of a loss of the original input signal, and automatically switches back to original signal input as soon as it's available.  


VGA Audio Matrix 2 x 2

The VGA Audio Matrix switches 2 computers to 2 displays / projectors and also functions as a signal amplifier  


400 - 1:4 VGA Video Splitter

Enhance presentations and displays with Hall Research's high resolution Video Splitters Distribution Amplifiers. This device allow your video signal to be displayed simultaneously on 4 monitors all as sharp and clear as the original.  


1 x 2 VGA Distribution Amplifier

The Model 200A is a 2-channel VGA distribution amplifier (splitter) with stereo audio and EDID routing and emulation capabilities.The RGBHV (VGA) input video signal is terminated and amplified for driving each output. The 3.5 mm audio input is ground isolated to prevent ground loop noise and hum and is also amplified for driving each output. The EDID (Extended Display ID) data that the video source sees can be routed from the LCD connected to OUTPUT 1, or emulated using internal EDID memory in the splitter. A recessed 2-position switch is used to determine the EDID routing. The internal EDID is generic and designed to render an image on most displays (please see the Downloads tab for EDID details).  


UV1 Mini-Cat Video+PowerOver UTP

Der UV1-E Mini-Cat Video + Power Over UTP Extender umgeht die Notwendigkeit für teure und sperrige Multi-Koaxial Kabel zur hochauflösenden VGA- Übertragung. Stattdessen wird das Signal über ein Standard-Cat-5 Kabel über Entfernungen bis 150 m übertragen. Eine Verstärkung und das symmmetrische Übertragungsverfahren sorgen für klare Bilder und vermeidet Störeinflüsse. In den meisten Fällen muss nur ein Ende mit Spannung versorgt werden (Sender oder Empfänger).  


VS-2 2:1 VGA Switch

The Model VS-2 is a versatile, compact, high performance, solid- state, 2 input x 1 output, VGA video switch that can operate at resolutions of up to 1600x1200. The unit allows one monitor to be switched between two video sources.  


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