PIXIE Plus Display Control

PIXIE+ Display Control

Universal control system for data-video-projectors, displays, or smaller installations. Controls via RS232, IR and/or relais contacts.  


IR/RS232 Modul für PIXIE plus

RS232/IR modul to acces further devices from the PIXIE+ display control. The modul is equipped with an IR diode and a 2-Pin cable with TxD-OUT and GND for the one-way control via RS232.  


Signal Cable for PIXIE+ and PIXIE Pro

3-Pin signal cable, 3 x 0.25 mm² protected, for connecting of Pixie+ and PixiePro with IR / RS232, price by meter  


Exchangable Button without Inscription

For PIXIE plus - replaces centre key  


Exchangable Button - Channel

For PIXIE plus - replaces centre key, with inscription Channel Up/Down  


Cable IR Transmitter for PIXIE Pro

Additional transmitter to control of more units per IR  


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