Vaddio AV Bridge 2x1

AV Bridge 2x1 is a 2 HDMI input, HDMI/USB 3.0/IP Stream output switcher with Dante audio support. Create flexible dual camera conferencing and lecture capture scenarios with the new AV Bridge 2x1. Add analog, digital and Dante audio and output to HDMI, USB 3.0 and IP stream outputs with a full 12x12 audio matrix. Key features: > Video inputs: 2x HDMI (up to 1080p/60) with digital audio > Video outputs: 1x HDMI, 1x USB 3.0 (up to 1080p/60) and RTMP/RTSP IP stream (up to 1080p/30) > Audio inputs: 4x Dante IP channels, 2x analog balanced mic/line, stereo USB 3.0, 2x stereo digital HDMI  


Vaddio AV Bridge Mini

Die AV Bridge Mini verbindet professionelle Audio-/Videosysteme mit einem PC oder MAC. Das HDMI- und Audiosignal wird per USB übertragen und steht somit für Software- Anwendungen aller Art zur Verfügung. Zusätzliche Audioausgänge ermöglichen die Verbindung zu einem Audiocontroller mit professionellem Echocancelling. Eingänge: 1 x HDMI, 2 x Mic/Line-IN Euroblock. Ausgänge: 1 x USB 3.0, 1 x Ethernet für Streaming (RTSP oder RTMP) und IP-Steuerung, 1 x RS232 (RJ45) 2 x Line-OUT Euroblock  


Vaddio AV Bridge

Vaddio’s AV Bridge provides integrators the ability to integrate soft codecs such as Skype, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, as well as many more, into their traditional AV designs. The AV Bridge provides the digital USB gateway to allow the integration of PRO audio and video equipment into any PC software application. The AV Bridge can support switchable balanced or unbalanced audio — and switchable HDMI, RGBHV, SD or HD component video inputs. Video inputs can be up or down converted as required. Outputs include USB 2.0 with HD UVC/UAC device support - or an Ethernet network interface for both IP control and streaming, supporting RTSP and HLS streaming clients.  


OneLINK Bridge (Receiver Only) f

The OneLINK Bridge AV Interface combines a camera extension system with an audio mixer to provide USB bridging functionality – making it easy to convert an audio and video source into a USB 3.0 media stream so you can use it with popular cloud conferencing solutions like Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, WebEx and Zoom. OneLink Bridge uses HDBaseT technology to extend power, control, and video from RoboSHOT cameras, third-party PTZ cameras, and compatible HDBaseT A/V switchers up to 100 meters over a single Cat6 cable  



The EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE for integrating professional audio equipment into USB-based PC applications – Unified Communications, lecture capture, recording or any other application that requires professional audio. Existing meeting room audio equipment can now be used with any UC soft client – Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Google+, etc. Equipped with both balanced and unbalanced audio inputs/outputs for maximum flexibility, the AudioBRIDGE easily integrates with external audio mixers, wireless microphones, amplifiers, powered loudspeakers – any audio I/O devices that require USB integration.  


EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

The EasyUSB Mixer/Amp supports up to two EasyTALK MicPOD microphones. In addition, analog line level I/O interfaces allow for integration with external AV equipment such as videoconferencing codecs, external amplifiers or LCD displays. The EasyUSB Mixer/Amp also has a 2 x 20 watt integrated audio amplifier for connection to external 4/8-Ohm speakers.  



The EasyUSB PRO MIC I/O is designed to integrate any professional microphone with Vaddio's EasyUSB audio solutions. The PRO MIC I/O incorporates Vaddio’s unique SmartMIC technology into the mixer, providing distributed multi- channel acoustical echo cancelation and automatic microphone mixing. Additional DSP/Digital Signal Processing technologies include noise reduction, microphone gating, equalization, filtering and AGC for automatically calibrating to the live requirements of the room.  


AV Bridge MatrixMIX

The AV Bridge MatrixMIX is the industry’s first AV production switcher that brings live event production to UC applications such as Skype for Business, WebEx and Google Hangouts. This exciting solution is part of the AV Bridge family – the industry standard for converting AV equipment to USB streams. With AV Bridge MatrixMIX, you can: • Bring live production capabilities to UC applications • Combine switching, advanced camera control, streaming and graphics mixing • Control and configure remotely for large enterprise or higher education applications • Enhance live events with seamless switching of cameras and media content  



Camera controller designed for use with the AV Bridge MatrixMIX AV Switcher ● Integrates video switching, camera control, and graphics mixing into a single ergonomic user interface ● Easy-to-find camera functions, pan, tilt and zoom speed control knobs ● Illuminated push buttons for camera selection ● Large focus knob for fine control with auto/manual toggle and three-axis Hall-effect joystick ● Embedded web server for control anywhere  


AV Bridge Matrix MIX Production

Bestehend aus: AV Bridge MatrixMIX (5VA0000219) PCC MatrixMIX (5VA0000221)  


Teletouch 27 inch Touch Screen Sys

Auflösung: 1080p/60, Kapazitiver Touch, Sichtwinkel: 170 x 160°, Helligkeit: 300 nits, Schnittstellen: DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA mit Audio (3,5 mm Klinke), USB 2.0, Gewicht: 4,89 kg. Abmessungen: 645 x 387 x 67 mm (BxHxT) ohne Tischständer. Ideal zur Nutzung in Verbindung mit der AV Bridge MatrixMix und den PCC MatrixMix Controller. In dieser Kombiniation ermöglicht das Touchdisplay die Steuerung der Matrix über ein intuitives User Interface  


RoboTRAK BSP Tracking System sw

RoboTRAK ist Vaddios automatisches Dozenten Tracking System für Hochschulen, unternehmenseigene Weiterbildung oder jede andere Bildungseinrichtung. Der Dozent trägt einen IR Sender (Lanyard), dem die Kamera automatisch folgt. Die RoboTRAK IR Kamera leitet die Bewegungsdaten an eine verbundene RoboSHOT PTZ Kamera weiter, so dass eine Veranstaltung ohne Bedienpersonal aufgezeichnet werden kann. RoboTRAK System bestehend aus: RoboTRAK IR Kamera, 1 x IR-Sender (Lanyard) mit 40 Stunden Batterie- laufzeit, USB Ladegerät für Lanyard, RoboTRAK Doppelstock-Wandhalter, PoE+ Injektor, Kabel  


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