CablePort flex 6-fold for QS 3.0

  • High quality desktop casing prepared to be used together with QuickSelect 3.0 transceiver. Top cover of anodized aluminum mounting options: frameless of together with addition aluminum frame 7448 000 02x. 3 Show-Me buttons wiht feedback to choose directly between the different inputs of Quickselect 3.0 are flush mounted in the top surface of this CablePort flex Comes with integrated modul holder equipped with 3 x power socket (Schuko), 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Audio jack, 1 x Cat6, 1 x USB TypA
  • > depth: about160 mm > Für Tischplattenstärke: 15 - 40 mm > Quickselect 3.0 is a flexible presentation switcher and HDBaseT transceiver with DaisyChain capability It is the ideal solution for all conference roosm which require flexible seating as well as power and data connectors at each table (Quickselect isn't included, please order 7447000400 additionally) For further information about Quickselect 3.0, please check: navigationPath/7447000400.html
  • PO number: 7448000004
Technical Details:
Größe 6-fach
Oberfläche/Material Aluminium, eloxiert (natur)
Anzahl der Steckdosen 3
Landestyp D
Bestückung 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Audio Klinke, 1 x Cat-6, 1 x USB Typ A
Sonderausstattung -
Außenmaß (mm)
Ausschnitt (mm)
Freie Felder 0

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