Excalibur NG Wood maple

Design lectern made of stainless steel with manuscript tray and further design applications made of laminated wood with a top veneer of maple wood, manuscript tray with inlet of leather, stand with topcover of black acrylic glas. Numerous features: Including an impact sound insulated microphone socket (XLR), a manuscript tray, a cup holder as well as a connection interface in the column connected to the cable outlet on the side of the stand.  


Lectern Audience

Solid, high-quality lectern made of stainless steel and powder-coated metal (RAL 9005 black), prepared for the integration of a microphone and Kindermann multimedia adapter plates, integrated cable channel in the pillars. Total height: ca. 124 cm, Base plate: ca. 60 x 61 cm, Lectern top: ca. 52 x 55 cm  


Document and Projector Tray

For lectern Audience, tray dimensions: 400 x 250 mm, load capacity: ca. 30 kg, colour: RAL 9005 black  


Cup Holder for Lectern Audience

To be mounted on the left side, in speech direction, colour: RAL 9005 black  


Front Panel for Lectern Audience

Of stainless steel brush-finish  


Front Panel for Lectern Audience

Powder-coated, scratch-resistant, in RAL colour or individually designed surface  


Shockmount for gooseneck microphone

Intended for use with gooseneck microphones mounted on lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and similar surfaces Effectively isolates microphone from noise, shock and vibration transmitted through the mounting surface Eliminates pickup of low-frequency resonances caused by mechanical coupling Color: black  


Pultleuchte mit Netzteil

Zeitloses Design, hochwertige Verarbeitung mit LED Technik Die Leuchte ist durch das Flexschlauchsegment individuell justierbar. Am Leuchtenkopf befindet sich ein Drehknopf zum Ein- und Ausschalten sowie zum Dimmen der Leuchte. Leuchte aus Aluminium schwarz eloxiert bestückt mit 15x SMD LEDs LED warmweiß Analoge Technologie, keine PWM Frequenz, flickerfrei Abstrahlwinkel ca. 80°, weicher Lichtkegel Energieeffizienzklasse A Zur Festmontage mit externen Steckernetzteil 12V  


LED gooseneck light for lecterns

Flexible Gooseneck, warmwhite LEDs, dimming and switching via touch. Length of gooseneck: 20 cm. Material: Aluminium powder coated/anodized. Weight: about 800 g Dimensions: 33,5 x 20 x 22 cm (WxDxH). Easy to install through a 10 mm drill hole. Power supply included  


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