SpeechPoint for Display - H1145/F509

  • High-end design and height adjustable lectern with many options for individual design as well as a perfect integration of presentation technology Stepless motorized height adjustment up to 30 cm, also accessible for wheel chairs. Ergonomical, inclined by 20°, desk prepared to integrate a ELO touch display 1502L. Useful lockable compartment below the document shelf, cup holder integrated in desk, extendible shelf (e.g. for notebooks), 40x25cm (WxD). Large compartment for installation of presentation technology with easy access on the speaker's side. Inner corpus aluminium (Egger decor F509 ST2), outer corpus Bardolino oak (Egger decor H1145 ST10).
  • > Large cable outlet in the bottom plate, also for passive cooling > Integrated cable mangement > Great variety of decors available for individual design > With 4 castors for easy transport, 2 of the lockable > Dimensions: 66 x 70 x 107 - 137 cm (WxDxH) > Options: LED script light, LED decor light in the frontpanel, one or two Schockmount microphone sockets (XLR), name / logo holder > Further information about the display: http://www.elotouch.de/catalog/product /view/id/131/s/1502l
  • PO number: 5313SP0KE2

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  • RGB LED accent lightning SpeechPoint /erp/KCO/avs/5/5313/5313SP0100/04_Bilder/5313SP0100_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=AEAF40EA41D9FA70C1DE659A57F10FC9
    • PO number : 5313SP0100
    • Invisibly installed in a groove at the outer, height-adjustable corpus. RGB controller with IR remote control, delivered fully installed.
  • Microphone integration in SpeechPoint /erp/KCO/avs/5/5313/5313SP0101/04_Bilder/5313SP0101_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=AEAF40EA41D9FA70C1DE659A57F10FC9
    • PO number : 5313SP0101
    • Centered installation of a shock mount with lid in the desktop for standard XLR microphones. > Optimal isolation from physical vibration > Robust design > Firmly connected 3 pin XLR socket > lockable lid, removable, exchangeable > Colour: black
  • Two shock mounts for SpeechPoint /erp/KCO/avs/5/5313/5313SP0102/04_Bilder/5313SP0102_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=AEAF40EA41D9FA70C1DE659A57F10FC9
    • PO number : 5313SP0102
    • Installation of two Shock-mount holder with lid for standard XLR microphones. FEATURES: Optimal isolation from physical vibration. Rugged design. Permanently connected 3-Pin XLR socket Swivelling lid, colour: black
  • LED gooseneck light for Speechpoint /erp/KCO/avs/5/5313/5313SP0104/04_Bilder/5313SP0104_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=AEAF40EA41D9FA70C1DE659A57F10FC9
    • PO number : 5313SP0104
    • With adjustable gooseneck , warm-white LED's, dimmable and switchable by touch. Total length of gooseneck: 20 cm, Material: aluminium powder- coated/anodized, Weight: approx. 800 g, Dimensions: 33.5 x 20 x 22 cm (WxDxH) Power supply included. Delivered fully installed.