Whiteboards for DisplayBoard 86 inch

  • For Kindermann DisplayBoard 86 inch surface from ceramic steel, white, anodized aluminium frame, writeable with whiteboard markers, magnetic surface > See drawing for dimensions > Weight: approx. 30 kg
  • PO number: 4010000120

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  • Kindermann DisplayBoard 86 inch /erp/KCO/avs/4/4010/4010000001/04_Bilder/4010000001_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=61B1F4227272B20D13AE868990A0D66D
    • PO number : 4010000002
    • The Display Board is more than a cabinet for touchscreens. When the display is not in use, you can hide it elegantly behind two motorized sliding doors. For displays up to 86 inch diagonal, max. display weight: 125 kg, max. display depth: 135 mm max. display size: 200 x 120cm Optional: sliding wings - of whiteboard surface from ceramic steel - magnetic glass board - individual colors/design or material on request