HR-16P 16-Channel Serial Device

  • The Model HR-16P is a programmable RS232 serial device designed to control any device with a serial port. The HR-16P has 16 discrete inputs that sense a DC voltage level or contact closure (see figure below for input terminal configuration).
  • It detects both below-to-high and high-to-low transitions of these discrete inputs and issues corresponding commands out the serial port of the HR-16P to the serial device (typically a projector but definitely not limited to that). The commands can be any ASCII (or non- ASCII) data with programmable delays embedded in the string. The commands can also be a complex multi-part string, such as having commands with delays and then more commands. Hall Research provides a powerful Windows- based application that is used to create the data files and for uploading them to the HR-16P, via a supplied serial cable.
  • PO number: 4100000017

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