• The LiMa is a powerful control system enabling intuitive control through touch panels or standard browsers. For easy installation and less cabling the LiMa comes with PoE IN. LiMa is designed as a cost effective Touch Panel Controller for any small/medium-sized meeting room, learning space, or lecture hall. The LiMa is perfect for any meeting space using wall or table mounted touch panels. The LiMa control system at match for the 4 inch and 7 inch touch panels. PoE via PoE power supply 5555000505 (not included) or PoE switch.
  • > Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the LiMa and an external touch device > 2 bi-directional RS-232 or IR ports > 2 general purpose I/O ports > 2 built-in low-voltage relays > Ethernet port for up to 10 LAN and 8 NEB devices, connection to Central Control and Project Designer, and access to graphical user interface > 1 USB for programming > Compact 1U 1/2 19 inch frame installs quickly in minimum space such as trunkings systems or under a table > Dimensions: 220 x 37 x 70mm (W/H/D)
  • PO number: 5555000071

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