• CP flex 6f 3 Taster o Modulträge

    CP flex 6f 3 Taster o Modulträge

  • High quality desktop casing prepared to be used together any signalmanagement product with dry- contact closure control Top cover of anodized aluminum mounting options: frameless of together with addition aluminum frame 7448 000 02x. 3 Show-Me buttons wiht feedback to choose directly between the different inputs in the top surface of this CablePort flex please choose your CablePort flex module holder of 74490003xx
  • > depth: about160 mm > Für Tischplattenstärke: 15 - 40 mm
  • PO number: 7448000005
Technical Details:
Größe 6-fach
Oberfläche/Material Aluminium, eloxiert (natur)
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Bestückung individuell
Sonderausstattung -
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