• Kindermann Ceiling Mirror²

    Kindermann Ceiling Mirror²

  • Motorized mirror projection system for false ceilings. Makes it possible to install the projector in the space between the room ceiling and the false ceiling. When not in use, the technique remains invisible and the projector is protected against dust, smoke and theft. At the touch of a botton, the mirror flap opens and directs the picture from the projector to the screen via tow premium surface mirrors . So you hardly take notice of the operating noise of the projector. Drive: electrically operated spindle drive with gear motor, 12 VDC, 20 W Neccessary time to open/close: approx. 20/30 Sec
  • > Required space between room ceiling and lower ceiling edge: 130 mm + projector height, but at least 200 mm, resp. 250 mm if revision has to be done through the mirror flap. > Max. projector size: 500 x 500 mm with lens in center and 650 x 400 mm at lateral lens position > Max. projector weight: 18 kg > Ceiling cut-out: 505 x 490 mm > Projection distance: according to projector model less 70 cm > Max. thickness ceiling plate: 22 mm > Swivel range of the mirror flap: 45° up to 60°, service position 88°, tolerance compensation by spring closure of the mirror flap > outer dimensions: 605 x 710 x 170 mm > Powder-coated, white RAL 9003 > Weight: approx. 25 kg
  • PO number: 7469000200

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