• Klick + Show USB-C Cap

    Klick + Show USB-C Cap

  • The USB-C cap can be attached to the Klick & Show TOUCH Transmitters for compliant operation on USB type-C ports of PC or Mac laptops. Fitted with an elastic strap, the type-C adapter can be permanently fastened to the Transmitter to ensure it does not get lost and is always at hand when needed.
  • PO number: 7488000304

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  • Klick + Show TOUCH Transmitter /erp/KCO/avs/7/7488/7488000301/04_Bilder/7488000301_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=A22F14B18C3A5C034F4AAFC137066CBF
    • PO number : 7488000301
    • Klick & Show TOUCH is a compact WiFi sender, coming in a sleek form- factor of an easy-to-use touch- sensitive dongle, which is connected to the laptop via USB. A slight touch of the dongle surface activates the laptop as the active source during a presentation of a single person or group of persons and live content is mirrored to the main display. The dongle features a dual-color LED indicator and force-feedback vibration to provide feedback about the activity status to the user. The Klick & Show TOUCH is the easy- to-use approach to collaboration.
  • KLICK&SHOW HDMI transmitter K-40/K-FX /erp/KCO/avs/7/7488/7488000313/04_Bilder/7488000313_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=A22F14B18C3A5C034F4AAFC137066CBF
    • PO number : 7488000344
    • The KLICK&SHOW HDMI transmitter supports a software- and driver-free operation of KLICK&SHOW. It's a true plug and play device which connects to virturaly any HDMI output e. g. video player, game console or visualizer. An additional USB A port is required to power the transmitter (5V/500mA). The transmitter is recognized as an external screen. It supports touchback (HID functionality) on Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS, which means a computer can be remote controlled by a touch screen display conntected to the base unit.