• Klick+Show USB-C transmitter K-10

    Klick+Show USB-C transmitter K-10

  • The Klick+Show USB-C dongle offers a software- and driver-free operation of Klick+Show. Compatible with K-10S and K-40, NOT compatible with K-FX! It works plug and play and connects to virturaly any USB-C port output whether it is a computer, smartphone or tablet, it is recognized as an external screen. It supports touchback (HID) functionality) on Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS, which means the device can be remote controlled by a central touch screen which must be conntected to the base unit. Please note: The USB-C port of your device must support DisplayPort Alt mode for video transmission!
  • > compatible with K-10S und K-40 base units (a free FW Update is required) > Inputs: USB-C > supports screen mirroring or extended desktop > supports 1080p 60 > The surface of the dongles is touchsensitive, a soft touch is enough to activate the transmission. > high video performance and low latency of ~100 ms > support 2,4 and 5 GHz WIFI
  • PO number: 7488000314

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  • USB C Adapter USB-A - USB-C /erp/KCO/avs/5/5571/5571000002/04_Bilder/5571000002_130x130px.jpg;jsessionid=39BB415145ED8D89E8A59D9CCF2DCF17
    • PO number : 5571000002
    • Type A to C M/F, 3A, 5GB, 3.0 Version, black
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    • PO number : 7488000303
    • The Klick & Show TRAY serves to hold up to 4 Klick & Show TOUCH transmitters. Its sleek design, matching the shape of the TOUCH dongles, blends well with modern and classical meeting room interior. Constructed from high-quality plastic with machined aluminium socket plate and felt pads.