CablePort Office desk 3f 2xmains 1xUSB

  • Design table top power socket with table clamps. 3-fold plastic housing with 2 Schuko mains sockets and a double USB charger with built-in power supply and an USB-A and USB-C connector, supporting up to 21 watts charging current. Mains connection with 3-pin GST 18 plug, about 1 m long. Table clamp fits for desks with 21 to 40 mm top thickness. Color: similar to slate grey RAL7015, power sockets, white RAL9003.
  • > Charging profile USB-A / USB-C: 5V / 2.1 A (max.) > Charging profile combined A + C: 2x 5V / 2.1 A (max.)
  • PO number: 7550000122
Technical Details:
Größe 3-fach
Oberfläche/Material Kunststoff ähnlich RAL 7015 (schiefergrau)
Anzahl der Steckdosen 2
Landestyp D
Bestückung -
Sonderausstattung -
Außenmaß (mm) 175 x 67 x 77
Ausschnitt (mm) -
USB-Ladeadapter Doppel-USB-Charger A/C mit 5V/4,2 A, max. 21 Watt Ladeprofile 2x;5V/2,1 A
Freie Felder 0

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