• WPTOUCH Touch wall panel /LCD

    WPTOUCH Touch wall panel /LCD

  • ECLER WPTOUCH is a digital remote control for MIMO88 and MIMO88SG matrixes. Applications: Remote control, managing source selection / preset selection, volume control and MUTE or other programmable functions (depending on attached devices)
  • Key Features: > Digital remote control, compatible with the MIMO88 digital matrix (CAN- BUS) > 2 touch-sensitive keys > 1 touch-sensitive jog wheel > 1 IR receiver > 2x16 char. LCD transflective display > Programmable under the MIMO88 / MIMO88SG control (digital mode) > Compatible with the DAM614 for both volume control and source selection (analogue mode) > Compatible with other products with 0-10 VDC ports (MPA, ALMA, CA, NXA, etc.) for volume control and/or source selection (using an external power supply) > Recessed or top-wall mount with included accessory
  • PO number: 8750000074

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